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Digital Transformation

DigitalHandshakeThe digital transformation describes the fundamental change of business processes and the creation of new business models by digitalisation. New and powerful technologies create and process huge amounts of information provided by more and more actors. Machines become partners and take decisions independently, based on algorithms. This trend will impact enterprises and the society in the same manner and will change them sustainably.



QuadrantsTransformationTherefore the consulting spectrum of consulting4Bit will be aligned with the drivers of the digitale transformation. Particularly the areas data management and business process management are affected. Buzzwords like Big Data, Internet of Things IoT or Mobile Business are representing some trends that affect these areas considerably. Also project management must adapt itself to the speed of change. Agile concepts complement or substitue the classis linear project plannings.



InMemoryAs the core competencies of consulting4Bit focus on SAP, consulting with regard to the digital transformation covers the solutions SAP is offering in this context. The basis for the new solutions is the In-Memory technology HANA, which offers completely new possibilities for enterprises and will have a huge impact on IT architecture. This technology will be addressed within the service for SAP S/4HANA. You can find more details about this service in the subsequent section. Further services for the drivers of the digital transformation are in preparation.