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About consulting4bit

TeamConsulting4bitWelcome at consulting4bit. Consulting4bit offers IT services that include strategic IT topics, project management and consulting services for business processes and cross functions. A company is only successful in these areas if it starts with business requirements when building concepts and if the business has an active part in building the solutions. ERP projects are too often just declared as business project but in reality are driven by IT. Such projects are far less successful than business-driven projects. Consulting4bit would like to contribute to a better cooperation between business and IT. Focus groups for the offered services are business and IT in the same manner.



When designing this Website I put much effort in supporting my statements by adequate pictures. Deliberately I have chosen different symbolisms for the design of the different main sections. For the "Home" page the bridge shall symbolize the ambition of consulting4bit - to build a bridge between business and IT. The section "About consulting4bit" is symbolized by a picture composed of moss and stones that represent business and IT. Despite the contrasts between both elements the composition can be harmonic. The area "Services" is characterized by a clockwork - a symbol for the complexity of the presented topics but also indicating the accuracy needed for the execution of the services. The "Information" section uses the picture of compass and map - both are important tools to find your way.



In the area "Services" you will find more details for my offerings. In the "Information" section I would like to give you some ideas and examples how the communication between business and IT could be improved. The offered content here will be updated from time to time - usually when I have a new idea I would like to implement quickly. The section "Digital Transformation" contains information about the huge impacts of this trend on business processes and models and include the services I offer in this context.


By the way - this Website includes a hidden page which cannot be accessed via the navigation menu and which hopefully will not be stored in an index of a search engine. Here I have placed a small extra. Have fun searching.